Your Dog’s Sleeping Habits Can Reveal Secrets About Their Health & Personality

Canines sleep an average of 12-14 hours a day, according to The National Sleep Foundation. And although they may be off in dreamland, you can still learn a lot about your dog by the way she dozes!

From snoozing positions, to paw twitches, to sudden changes in sleep patterns, here’s what your pup’s sleeping habits say about him or her.

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Sleeping Positions

The position that your pup is most comfortable sleeping in tells a lot about his sense of confidence, security, and his connection to instinct. Chances are, your dog sleeps in a variety of these positions, so next time he’s is taking a snooze, it might be fun to note how he’s lying and where he chose to take a nap. You may find that he feels most comfortable resuming a vulnerable position when he’s close to you.

  • Curled up

According to Dogs Best Life this is the most common sleeping position and it’s most often observed in packs of wild dogs and wolves. When your dog is “curled up,” his paws are tucked and his tail is curved in toward his face.

This position serves multiple purposes. For dogs in the wild, it’s a way to protect their vital organs, and they can easily spring onto their feet at a moment’s notice. Additionally, they’re able to hold in body heat and keep each other warm when they’re snuggled close.

“It is the least vulnerable and least restful position for sleep,” explains Dogs Best Life. If your dog chooses to sleep like this, he may be feeling particularly protective of you.

  • On their side

This is a much more vulnerable position, as the vital organs are exposed. This means that a side-sleeping pooch feels very safe and comfortable in her surroundings. Perhaps your dog curls up when she’s sleeping on the porch outside but rolls onto her side when she’s on the couch with you.

“Dogs who sleep in this position tend to be happy-go-lucky and fiercely loyal,” explains Little Things.

  • Sprawled out on their stomach

Dogs Best Life says that this indicates a restful snooze, but also enables them to hop up onto their feet in one second, flat! High-energy dogs and puppies who are ready to go from sleep to play in the blink of an eye may prefer this position. If your dog naps like this, he never wants to miss a beat!

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  • Paws to the sky

Does your pooch simply roll on her back with her paws dangling or stretched up to the sky? This is the ultimate sign of a carefree sleeper. It’s a very vulnerable position, so your pup feels safe and confident enough to doze off this way. Also, it’s a wonderful way for a warm dog to cool off!

“Dogs who assume this sleeping position usually tend to be very laid-back and have an independent streak,” says Little Things.

  • Snuggling you

Your dog just wants to be close to you–literally! In order to bond and be reassured by your presence, your pooch may find his bliss sleeping in your lap, with his head resting on your leg, or lying with his back against yours. He wants to know where you are any time of the day or night and is also affectionately showing you how much he loves you.

If you have multiple pets, they may love to snuggle together for these same reasons!