About us

Fancy Dog is hand - made haute couture for dogs, in detail created by a designer. Focusing on current trends in the world of fashion we produce unique garments, which will make your pets look stylish and trendy.

Unlike other brands, Fancy Dog puts forward a knitwear line, pointing out that not only a casual cardigan can be knitted, but shirts, vests, accessories, sweaters, and even evening gowns!

We understand that sometimes it is impossible to create a perfect outfit only from knitted clothes.  That is why we have other apparel in our collections as well.

Every item is made of top quality threads, the majority of which are used in the production of baby clothes.  We are not confined to only one style as each dog is unique and should resembles the look of its owner.

In our Fancy collections we use crystals, beads, gems, genuine furs and lace.  Each item is exclusive.  Which is, why once a month we release clothing in different styles and designs, which will also keep you unique regardless of the weather and season.

We work in Fast Fashion world.  Trends, popular in the morning, become the assortment of our store in the evening!  Time moves fast and each dog should always be in trend.

Some collections are combined according to the topic.  The color palette is so diverse, that we want to use them all in our collections.  Those who meet our brand for the first time cannot believe that everything is made entirely by hand and they ask what fabric we use.  The answer is simple: we do not use ready-made cloth, we knit it ourselves using only top class yarn.  As a designer, I don't only think over the details, but also analyze the fashion industry for trends and proper choice of colors, models and fittings.

My design story began in my childhood.  But dressing people up in beautiful clothes was only a dream at those times.  In my clothing I wanted to convey people's moods and let people out of their gray mass.  I studied design in Ukraine.  When I moved to New York my Fancy story started.  A lovely little mixed breed Pomeran and Bichon appeared in my life Boomer.  It was then when I got a temptation to dress him up.  After all, when you put on stylish clothes and go for a walk along the streets of Manhattan you want to highlight the dog’s individuality as well.